Mendes Brothers

Without question, two of the best pound-for-pound jiu jitsu athletes on the planet. Team Atos black belts under Ramon Lamos, the Mendes Brothers have won every major title in competitive jiu jitsu. With Rafael being the current 5-time World Champion and Guilherme winning 4 times. In addition Rafael has won ADCC two times (2009, 2011), and both have won the Abu Dhabi Pro championship. There is not a title not on their resume. They have won at every belt level and led the modern jiu jitsu movement along the way. 

In addition, they have set their sights on building the strongest kids program in the country and built the mecca of jiu jitsu in Newport Beach with the The Art Of Jiu Jitsu Academy. A facility with no rival as they develop the next generation of champions. 

The Mendes Brothers epitomize what a modern jiu jitsu athlete aspires to. You cannot be involved in the art without coming across their impact on the sport. As jiu jitsu continues to grow, the Mendes Brothers are leading the charge.

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