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Guma Reserve 2015 Rules, Terms & Conditions 

We understand that over the years the brand has built a following of people. Many of you have personal collections and/or trade products to increase your collection. We also understand that sometimes gi's do not work out and they are sold to friends or others.  As a company we do NOT condone any of the activity of buying product simply to resell and if this is consistently abused, we will monitor memberships and it will be revoked. When Guma started in 2012, we did not have too many rules and guidelines in place, but at this time, we are forced to make these changes due to ongoing issues we are faced with. We thank you in advance and appreciate your understanding and support. Again,please review terms and conditions below as their have been many changes made to the 2015 membership.

  1. One membership per customer/household. Multiple membership purchases will automatically be voided, no exceptions.
  2. Once a size is selected for the Guma Reserve Kimono & T-shirt, we will NOT accept size changes. 
  3. Guma discount does NOT apply to the purchase of the Guma Reserve membership.
  4. Membership is NON-TRANSFERABLE, nor can it be shared by multiple people. If you purchased the membership as a gift, Shoyoroll must be notified no later than January 30, 2015.
  5. If you wish to cancel your membership, cancellations must be requested prior to the shipment of your initiation package. Requesting to cancel a membership after you receive your initiation package is subject to approval.  Members will be required to return all merchandise in unwashed/unworn condition with original packaging and tags. Shipping charges will not be refunded once your initiation package has shipped.
  6. Initiation package is part of your membership purchase. These items are cannot be returned or exchanged for other products.
  7. ALL orders must be placed under, paid for and shipped to GUMA member. No exceptions.
  8. Guma related product specials and discounts are strictly for members only. Sharing your login information is prohibited.
  9. Members must login to Guma section at the time of purchase in order to receive discount price (when discount is included in the sale price) and/or apply discount code (when applicable). Discounts will not be applied after a purchase has been made.
  10. Members are required to pre-reserve sizes for ALL batches (general public and guma exclusive release) during the designated time to ensure his/her size is available during the sale. If you do not pre-reserve your size, we cannot guarantee we will have your size available during the sale. Priority will be given to members who completed the pre-reserve.
  11. If you fail to purchase the Guma Exclusive products that you pre-reserved, we reserve the right to offer the unsold pieces at our discretion for marketing purposes, athletes, future members, events, etc.
  12. Anticipated kimono releases, designs, details, color-way and prices are subject to change without notice. 
  13. Members must add guma@shoyoroll.com and info@shoyoroll.com to their address book to ensure all Guma related emails are received.
  14. By purchasing the Guma Reserve Membership, you will automatically be enrolled into the Guma Reserve mailing list, using the email address associated with the membership purchase. If you unsubscribe from our mailing list, you will no longer receive product releases and updates pertaining to Guma Reserve.
  15. Member purchases will be monitored. Those who are abusing membership privileges may be subject to cancellation of current 2014 membership and being denied access to purchase 2015 membership.
  16. Members are prohibited from reselling merchandise on private websites, commercial websites and/or other resell channels.
  17. Failure to abide by the rules, terms and conditions of Guma Reserve Membership as stated, will result in your membership being revoked/canceled, without refund.
  18. Shoyoroll reserves the right to cancel membership(s) at any time, at our discretion without refund.
  19. Shoyoroll reserves the right to update and/or modify rules, terms and conditions at any time, at our discretion. Members will be notified through the Guma newsletter regarding any changes. 
  20. By purchasing the Guma Reserve Membership you hereby agree to all rules, terms and conditions.


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